K.S. Rajan (23 Dec 2011)
"report by BILL WILSON"

Thursday, December 22, 2011
The great 2011 government kickdown of civilian rights
Using the threat of terrorism as the lever in 2011, the federal government in league with the US Congress and Supreme Court have pried the lid off of the sacred protections of civil liberties, and have ignored the supreme law of the land--the US Constitution in deference to a sub-Constitutional level of restrictions. This move has taken place from the feds through the local level and it threatens the very core of your freedoms. Your ability to say what you think, worship as you please, make a living, raise your children as you see fit, maintain your personal privacy are all at risk. No amount of media spin designed to lull you into complacency will change the fact that your life and property is at risk to this leviathan government.

While there is much debate over the words in the National Defense Authorization Act that question whether a US citizen can be held indefinitely without a trial, the Constitution's provisions for habeas corpus and the right to a speedy and public trial have been ignored. This Administration has refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act and has rubbed Americans noses' in it by writing congratulations letters to homosexuals who have "married." This Administration has sold assault weapons to Mexican drug lords. The Federal government has armed local law enforcement with high powered assault weapons and the training on how to use them against local residents--all for your safety, of course.

The Declaration of Independence listed grievances against the King of England. Among them were: refusal to assent to laws that were necessary for the public good (DOMA, border security, and off shore drilling); raising taxes without consent (record debt spending); erecting a multitude of new offices and sent swarms of officers to harass our people and eat our substance (czars and executive orders); quartering large bodies of armed troops among us (arming local law enforcement equal to the military); obstructing the administration of justice (selling assault weapons to drug lords, not enforcing the immigration and marriage laws); exciting domestic insurrections among us (unequivocal support of Occupy Wall Street, ACORN offshoots, and support of the Muslim Brotherhood).

You can see how these grievances in the Declaration parallel with today's American government. And Congress has went right along with them with hardly a whimper of opposition. The people of God are going to have to stand for what is right or loose their rights. Its not about dominionism. Its not about weird doctrines. Its about what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 12:21, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good." There is so much division within the church that we have become so heavenly minded that we are of no earthly good. Imagine getting to heaven and the Lord saying, "Look, I gave you a free country so you could spread the gospel and you disrespected my gift by losing it." I, for one, don't want to hear that.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson