K.S. Rajan (1 Dec 2011)
"Report by BILL KOENIG"


Iranians pray near uranium conversion
facility outside Isfahan
(Photo: AFP)
London Times quotes Israel intelligence officials as saying that satellite images
show this week's reported blast in Isfahan was 'no accident.'
'Iran is developing low-flying cruise missiles'
Head of Defense Ministry's Missile Defense Agency says Israel's missile defenses are developed in correlation with developments in Iran; says Tehran will have new missiles within several years
Former Mossad chief:
Israeli strike on Iran will lead to regional war

(Courtesy DigitalGlobe — Institute
for Science and International Security)
Meir Dagan said in a television interview that a military strike will
result in massive rocket attacks from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leading in vote count
Following first round of voting, member of Freedom and Justice Party says it is leading with roughly 40% of votes