KML (13 Dec 2011)
"Re: Jane Jahovah Witness Caller ?"

Hello Jane

You must first understand that they do NOT have assurance of salvation. They are earning their way to heaven, and even then they are not sure they will live good enough lives to be one of the 144,000 they believe will be in heaven.

Questions to ask them :
These questions get to the core of their cult.
 1. Do you sin ? ( they will answer yes)
 2. How do you attone for those sins ? ( they will say they ask God to forgive them )
 3. What if you have forgotten a sin and do not bring it to God and ask for forgiveness ? ( they know that this does happen, and [that] sin will not be forgiven )
 4. How do you know for sure you will go to heaven ? ( they will tell you no one can know this for sure)
 5. Why would I give up my [assurance of salvation] in Jesus Christ, for your un-assurance ?
 They will not have a good answer, and will need to consider your question.
This is an open door to share the gospel.

Then explain the answers to the above questions.
Remember we must put on our Armour Eph 6. Explain these to the individual as you go.
Read This whole chapter. Then explain " the gospel of Jesus Christ ". FULLY.
Make sure to center on the scriptures of who Jesus Christ is.
Not the Rapture, because they will shut their minds and think you an escapist. They think we should be about the teaching the love of God and not escape. [ this is how they see the rapture]

Show them how we can have assurance of our salvation in Jesus Christ. Tell them who Jesus Christ is, and show the scriptures. Even in the old Testament, the prophecies of his  coming.
UNDERSTAND...... they have re- written [ I John] and they are not taught that Jesus is God.

Most of JW have never been invited in, nor have had the oppertunity to witness.

Be sure to speak in Love and not contempt.

personal note:
Just a few months ago I had Mormons visit.
They tell us they believe Jesus is the son of God and our savior, but we must always remember; [They preach a different gospel].
They preah they will become gods,[ like god, as satan said to eve] and eventually have their own planet to be god over. This is from [ golden tablets] given to their prophet from an angel.
Remember what Paul said: If they preach any other gospel than what the word teaches about Jesus Christ, [even as from an angel]; may they be acursed.
I told them I do not receive their prophet, and I do not receive their book.

Both these two societies; Jahovah witness, and Mormon, are  cults and are lost to their sin. We can love them, and pray for them, but Never join them.
Be blessed