Kevin Heckle (29 Dec 2011)
"David & Nicole RE: VENUS Transit on 6/6/2012"

Nichole's letter to fivedoves, regarding the transit of Venus across the face of the sun and her interpretation is interesting.  However, the transit occurs in the center of the two horns of Taurus.  I believe Taurus is associated with the antichrist.  The description in Dan. 8 has been fulfilled, Alexander the Great, his kingdom split into 4 notable ones, one of which was Antiochus IV the archetype of the antichrist, and through which the antichrist must descend. 
The planet Venus can be viewed in two ways, as a morning star and as its antithesis, the evening star.  Half of the time Venus spends on our eastern horizon and half the time on the western.  The ancients thought it was two different objects.  It is where we get our words east and west.  In fact, by the old Greek alphanumerical system, its western name 'whesperus' has a gematriac value of 666.  Of course, the KJV interprets the Isaiah 14 Hebrew word for Venus (the planet) as Lucifer.  I would speculate then that this Venus transit occurring on 6/6/2012 has something to do with the AC and not the Christ.  After the transit in June 2012, the evening star Venus is transformed into the morning star Venus, possibly symbolic of the AC lifting himself up to the stature of the true Christ.
As for the transit period of Venus occurring in 243 year intervals, this is where the last chapters of Daniel and its numbers get interesting.  The numbers in chapter 12 DIRECTLY calculate to the cycles of the Earth, Moon and Venus (which appears a star, the brightest).  Rev. 12 equates a 'time, times and a half' to 1260 days.  So Daniel's time, times and a half' equals 1260.  A few words later he expresses 1290 and then 1335.  While these values certainly have a literal application to the Tribulation, I believe they also have a hidden meaning revealing a longer 'time, times and a half' timeframe by which the beginning of the Great Tribulation can be reckoned.  How these numbers relate to Venus, I'll explain:  The sum of these 3 values is 3885.  The difference, subtracting from highest to lowest, is -1215.  This integer value -1215 caught my eye as it is 5 times 243, the transit period of Venus, but even more interesting is that 1215 tropical years is how long one complete cycle takes of PRECESSION or reverse motion of conjunctions to return to the same place in the sky.  The ancients knew this, and most certainly Daniel the CHIEF of all the astronomers in Babylon could have known.  Here is where it gets more interesting.  Daniel 7:12 describes a vision in which the person raises his right hand and his left hand towards heaven to swear.  A simple concordance check of the two words 'left' and 'right', were used by the Hebrew to describe NORTH and SOUTH if facing east.  In the context of the person raising his one hand south and the other north as if to measure, the most common understanding of the heavens is the solstice to solstice or equinox to equinox which is a half year.  When the sun rises to the utmost south it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and when it rises in the utmost north, vice versa.  There are 182.62 days average between.  The word Daniel uses for 'time' is interpreted as 'seasons' in Genesis.  The equinoxes and solstices deliniate our seasons.  
Back to the numbers 3885 and 1215.   3885/1215=3.1975308 
Multiply that quotient by the days from sun rising utmost north to utmost south ----3.1975308 x 182.62 days =583.93 days 
Again 583.93 days directly relates to Venus and the sun as that is within 18.5 MINUTES of the ACTUAL AVERAGE CONJUNCTION PERIOD OF THOSE BRIGHTEST OBJECTS!  The FULL recessional cycle of transits/conjunctions taking 1215 years is because of the 583.92 day interval between conjunctions!  There's more!  If you multiplied the 3885/1215 quotient by our tropical year, the value is EXACTLY 10 times the average day length if you were standing on the surface of Venus.  In other words, from sunrise to sunrise standing on Venus takes 116.75 EARTH days. (3885/1215)x365.2421896=1167.8 days (10 times). Now because Venus rotates opposite that of every other planet, it appears from the surface of the earth to take 243 of our days for 1 to pass there.  Take (3885/583.92)x365.242189 = 2430 days which is 10 days on Venus as observed from Earth! 
Its hard and long to explain, but there is one more proof of these numbers by which the 2300 days of Dan. 8 applied, all reconcile the EXACT average length of a year (solar) and a month (lunar) by the numbers in Daniel 12, down to 35 hundreths of a second!  
I said all of that to answer your question about my interest in the Transit of 6/6/2012.  I attempted to fit that particular date into the system which I believe Daniel was expressing when he says "I understood the time was long" being calculated from the date of his vision (Julian date 1525759.5).  Without more long and boring explanations, I reckoned the timeframe to be 930,321.5 days from Daniels vision as I've explained before.  This falls 4 days short of the Transit on 6/6.  However, when averaged with 2625 Lunar years (1290+1335) which is 930,213.5 days total, the date 930,267.5 from Daniel's vision is 4/8/2012 Easter.  At first I didn't recognize that as Easter but rather the beginning of the countdown to Pentecost.  Is it possible that the rapture could occur on that date?  Possibly, but then again its possible today is the day as only God knows.  Either way, I beleive there is compelling Biblical evidence that 2012 will be a pivitol year in Biblical prophecy.
One more proof that these three values of 1260, 1290 and 1335 are related is this:
There are 354.367 days in one lunar year (12 months)
There are 383.897 days in one lunar-leap year (month added or 13 months).
There are 738.264 days in one lunar year plus one lunar leap-year. (25 months)
1290 + 1335 = 2625
2625 x 354.367 = 930,213.5 days
Now only related by the scientific length of an average month, the book of Daniel 12, Revelation 12 and the Biblical number 1260.
1260 x 738.264 = 930,213.5 days
From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,213 days is Shevat 22, 5772 or February 15, 2012.
From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,321 days is Sivan 12, 5772   or June 2, 2012.
From Daniel's Vision on Nissan 24, 3225 plus 930,267 days (the average) is  Nisan 17, 5772 or April 8, 2012 (Easter).
On Easter 2012, the Full Passover moon is just below the Virgin's feet and she is fully clothed by the sun (unseen due to the daylight) and Saturn (the sabbath rest) is in her womb.  1260 days later Venus the 'bright morning star' is in retrograde motion around the head of the sea serpent Hydra as if to crush and sever it, an event occuring every once every 1215 years.  30 days later (@ day 1290), Venus rejoins Jupiter the King planet along the ecliptic, 45 days later (@ day1335)Venus, the bright morning star emerges from the womb of the Virgin (Virgo).
Kevin  H.