Kevin Heckle (14 Dec 2011)
"Lauren: Herod's impossible death"

    According to the Martin theory that you cited, Herod's death occurred in January of 1 AD, based on his interpretation of the historian Josephus' account.  However, if the Martin theory is totally dependent upon the PARTIAL lunar eclipse of December 29, 1 BC then his theory is completely incorrect.  Martin most likely consulted a basic list of lunar eclipses which occurred during that time frame, which included that December 29, 1 BC eclipse, to support his theory.  Unfortunately, that eclipse was NOT visible anywhere in southwest Asia (Israel, Egypt, etc.).  It was visible in North America but not in Jerusalem.  To be fair, the FULL lunar eclipse on January 9, 1 BC was visible in SW Asia but was not considered by Martin for other reasons. 
    On the other hand the 4 BC lunar eclipse occurred in a leap year according to the Jewish calendar.  One of Martin's assertions was his reckoning of the events surrounding Herod's death.  According to his theory all those events could not be fit into a 30 day period.  He may have not considered the Hebrew leap year in 4 BC.  I have not researched this in a while, so I'm going by memory:  I believe that Passover is reckoned normally when the Sun is past the spring equinox, with the new moon also occuring at or past the spring equinox and the 1st of Nisan.  In that year, the new moon occurred with the sun past the spring equinox but prior to Nisan 1 on Veadar (Adar II) 27-28 whenever it was observed.  I'm not certain, but I believe this pushes the Passover into the next Hebrew month.  If that is the case, then there were 60 days between the eclipse-marked death of Herod and Passover, plenty of time for all the events to have been completed. 
    There are multiple Biblical passages, historically proven events and celestial appearances to be considered to establish the correct birthdate of our Lord.  Ultimately there is a truth about the matter, which we may not know until we see Him face to face.  We have only partial information because it was so long ago, and we weren't there.  Thankfully we have the love of Christ which is sure and true no matter what our various theories of His birthdate are. 
Merry Christmas,
Kevin H.