Keith Davidson (30 Dec 2011)

I have just read your post and FINDING IT ALARMING.
 Toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide. CAN THIS BE THE CAUSE FOR A TSUNAMI AND WW III !
This highly toxic is a mixture in the propellant used in this Mars probe? I did not know that!
Well, Obama is really causing stink amongst his American electorate. It's their foreign policy, which is causing so much problems world wide, and their shocking record coming out of Hollywood !
I also read Ron Reese's last post early this morning ( as I do log on to 5 Doves & Prophecy Corner site every morning @ 5am.with coffee) Ron's revelation with Mathman's reasoning gets my vote.
Leigh, you write as one who is a mature woman, with great insight into the Word Of God. I feel, however, you are very stressed and need the Comforter to come alongside you, and give you His special peace. Yes, there terrible events coming  upon this world.
I am a grandfather to eleven grandchildren. My 5 children and most of their spouses, are all wonderfully saved and blessed, one must not allow the troubles of this world to overtly affect your spiritual wellbeing. While none of them share my long term interest in eschatology, I have no doubt they will be supernaturally protected during this awful time ahead. We all need that child like faith to be ready for our redemption is about to come to pass. 
My prayers are to bring His comfort to you and  Marilyn Agee,
Keith Davidson