Keith Davidson (30 Dec 2011)
"Marilyn Agee"

Thank you Clay Cantrell,
Early this morning ( South African time) I felt in my spirit for the trials Marilyn has had to bare with husband Ed being so ill for many, many months. Her grief must be difficult under trying circumstances, and our prayers go out to her.
She has been such an inspiration to many, many Christians in her passion to seek GOD'S OUTPOURING OF HIS REVELATION OF HIS WORD IN THESE LATER DAYS.
Since 1997  her "PROPHECY CORNER" has encouraged many to study God's Word through progressive revelation, and I have been one of her most admirers for her persistence " to study ; a workman rightly defining the truth".
May our Lord richly bless her ,and her son, through the final days of this generation.
Keith Davidson