Kay (23 Dec 2011)


I love you, and think about you so often!  My computer died some time ago, and I lost everything, including all contact information, so have been unable to call or email you and others. I miss you so much. But, I continually wonder how you are, and pray for you.  You were such a bright light in my life those years I took care of my aunt.  I was ministering to her, and you were ministering to me.  I thank you so much for that.   I wish I still had all those long, wonderful letters from you.  I thank you so much for your encouragement.  I still remember what you wrote to me about  "Rebecca!"

Please know you are loved and cared about more than you could imagine, by me and so many others! You hang in there! You have honored and served the Lord with your life in such special ways. I believe our Lord is coming very, very soon, and I look forward to meeting you in person on that wonderful day! May God be with you (Immanuel)and hold you in the hollow of His Mighty Hand until then.


Your former Study Buddy