Kathy S (6 Dec 2011)

I was told by my husband back a long while ago in a round about way that ALL I think about was the rapture and end times.  and, he's NOT interested in hearing the things I learn about it.  While yet, he is a humble christain man.  Deacon,  leader and teacher at church. 
But, NOT a watcher!  and doesn't want to hear about it.  I have learned to keep this part of my life separate.  It IS HARD to do!  Because you get excited about things and want to tell.  But, you must learn to bite your tongue.
The same with my 2 adult married kids.  my son has told me that they have been saying for ever that the rapture was coming.  But, it has not happened yet.  Yet he has assured me that he IS/WAS saved as a child and truly he IS an example of a Christain man.
I just told understand why or how you can be soo blind as a Christain in these last days.  And, NOT CARE or want to HEAR about what's going on and how it relates to prophecy and the rapture.  I have such a HUNGER to HEAR about God and what's related to the rapture.
BECAUSE I AM SOOOOOO EAGER TO HEAR THAT TRUMPET SOUND and SEE MY LORD, MASTER & SAVIOUR APPEAR IN THE SKY AS WE ARE CALLED UP TO MEET HIM IN THE CLOUDS.  That is ALL that is on my mind these days.  and ALL I am interested in.  I DON"T CARE about this world anymore or what's in it.  I wished I had the money to get out of medical debt.  But, I don't care to have millions of dollars.  There's nothing that I want in this world!  If I had millions of dollars....I would LOVE to give to all kinds of Godly ministries around the world and charities at help orphans.
Before I get to rambling more, and more.....this post is to say "IF" you love your wife...STAY and live a "double" life.  "IF" you can't live there in a Christain enviroment and be miserable....GO!
Most importantly.....SEEK THE FACE OF GOD to see what HIS WILL IS!
In Christ,
kathy s