Kathy S (17 Dec 2011)

Hello Doves,
I was reading today's "I AM COMING" letter.  It sounds like the rapture will be next year in 2012 in part of what Jesus is saying.  I copied and paste this part.  See if YOU get out of it what I did, meaning we will continue on thru to next year. 
OH NO!!!  I am sooo disappointed!  But, Jesus tells us in this letter to NO BE!!  We MUST keep our lamp burning and continue on WATCHING!!
Love to ALL!
kathy s..........................  Please read ALL of this letter.  Most ALL of it is informative.
Faith is the foundation of all things MY beloved. HAVE FAITH!!!
Continuation—Letter from the LORD JESUS​​:
WE know that many become discouraged again now that the days approach and the beginning of 2012 is in sight. WE know that very well, but know that the coming year is a year of tremendous change MY children. Much is about to happen...
WE have given OUR children the time and opportunity to come to US. So many Words, Prophecies, and Encouragements are given.
Now, as MY FATHER mentioned already earlier, the time has come for big change. WE call on everyone to continue to watch, to continue to fast, to continue to pray.
Keep your lamps burning, because you do not know when your BRIDEGROOM comes: today, tomorrow, or the next hour. Everything is in readiness, MY beloved, to rapture MY bride. MY FATHER can give the signal any moment. But HIS great mercy keeps HIM every day to do this. But there comes a moment, O’ there comes a moment, MY beloved that this moment will be there: Suddenly! And suddenly is without warning.
Therefore it is important to keep your torches burning with good Oil, rich fat Oil of MY SPIRIT, OUR SPIRIT. HE is your Oil. HE is The ONE WHO keeps you connected with US, OUR SPIRIT. If you remain in HIM, HE will remain in you. And if HE remains in you, WE stay connected with you.
So keep your torches burning MY beloved please! Do not become lukewarm and do not give up. Now is the time as never before to be burning and passionate for the arrival of your GOD and for the work you do for HIM—HIS work, OUR work, until the day of MY Coming, then it will all be over. Then total, complete chaos breaks like never before.
People think and believe that this will never come, as it seems like everything is still pretty good. But not everything is still pretty good, MY beloved, so many things are ready, laid away until that fateful day: MY Coming: A day of Feast for the bride and a day of Panic and Chaos and Confusion, Despair and sheer Horror for those who stay behind.
This is the Day of the LORD, this is MY Day. So be ready MY beloved, be ready. Do not become lukewarm because your GOD tarries, do not become lukewarm.
2012 is a year of great change, THE YEAR of change. So be warned, be encouraged, and listen to the prophets. They will give words of perfect report that will come over this world.
MY GOD does not leave you in limbo, HE makes known in His great mercy what will happen. But these times of announcement will become shorter and shorter, MY beloved, as the time of the antichrist has come. His time has come now and he already works out many things behind the scenes of which you are unaware of. So keep your eyes fixed on ME and MY SPIRIT. I am the DOOR and without ME nobody comes to THE FATHER. So come to ME and let ME teach and refresh you. I want to help MY children and not leave them in limbo.
Now is the time of True and Pure Faith. Now the generation must rise of True and Pure Faith, so that many may go in the rapture, when I come for MY bride. Not long anymore MY beloved, not long anymore. This is NOT a letter of postponement, only a letter to encourage you to keep your faith burning and to stay awake, every moment of the day.