Kathy S (17 Dec 2011)

:(( crying  Oh Charles, my heart goes out to you!:(( crying
Is there anyway you can be a part of your family and not be?  Does that make any sense?  Cause most the time I don't make any sense. :-B nerd Let me try to explain.  I used to be a Christmas fanitic!  I would decorate my house for the whole week of Thanksgiving for christmas.  That was then and this is NOW....this year I didn't even care to had a tree.  A couple weeks ago my husband said we really need a tree.  So, I bought a small 3 footer with optic lights at a yard sale for $4.oo.  That's our tree.  Amazing how time changes in our lives and how the Holy Spirit can change our view on things.  Even though that tree is in my house...it has NOT effected my relationship with my Saviour.  I DO NOT look upon that tree as an idol in any way shape or form.  I don't believe my husband does either.  it's just tradition.  Something that has been in our lives from birth.  Always having a tree and celebrating Christmas with gifts.  Which stem from the wisemen taking gifts to THE Saviour of the world in bethlehem.
My daughter wants to decorate more.  I am going to let her.  I am keeping the peace in my family.  Holding my tongue to come down on them on how these things distract the REAL reason of the season.
Is there a way you can stay home and just be a shining light to your family?  Don't say anything else.  Just stay on the side lines.  Your wife already knows how you feel.  Let her enjoy and do during this holiday as she wishes.  But, you don't have to go along or agree with it.  Just hold your tongue and smile.  and, most of all pray!  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!  Pray for God to give you strength to endure.  To bring peace in your family and marriage.  Pray that YOU can be a shining light thru any darkness.:-B nerd
I learnt a while back to be a wife to my husband, but NOT to share in my discoveries I find out about on the soon rapture or what is foretold by the prophets on what the future holds.  I have to hold my tongue.  Be a part of my marriage and not share a BIG part of me that wants to come out, but can't in order to keep peace and sanity in my home.  I strive to let God's LOVE and LIGHT shine thru me.  They ALL know I strive to be close to my Saviour.  They see me pray and read my Bible.  They see me all the time on the  computer.  and know the kinds of things I read or stand for. 
I love my family with ALL my heart.  But, God is FIRST in my life.  God tells us to love others as ourself.  In order to do that we MUST keep the peace -  Try to connect without connecting in what they might be doing that you disagree with.  If we continually stay on them and come down on them it WILL TURN THEM AWAY from us.  Or their relationship with God.  and, we don't want that at all.
What I'm trying to say is... to be loving to your wife and son.  Read the Bible to him and tell him about Jesus.  That's your heart.  Your wife wants to share what we all have done in the past....have a tree and let our kids think there is a santa that brings them gifts.  On Christmas read the christmas story so your son will KNOW what Christmas day really is all from anyways. 
If you were to leave... or cause a reason for your wife to make you leave...it would be traumatic to your son.  And, break apart a marriage that God sees to never part.   I hope I made some sense, somehow.
Oh dear Heavenly Father, please be with my brother in Christ...Charles.  Help him O God to be able to endure the holidays with his family.  I pray the power of the Holy Spirit will lead, guide and direct him each day to be able to hold his tongue and just be a shining light.  Let his wife see YOU thru him and be impressed with what he stands for and who he is.  O God, please rekindle the fire in this marriage.  and, I pray it will never separate.  Bring understanding to both sides.  O God bind satan from attacking this family in the name of Jesus Christ.  Bring restoration to this home.  Let Charles' son know the truth about the season and what it really means.  most of all let him see Jesus thru his father AND his mother.  Let him see loving parents that love him and each other.  I pray that this family will have their lamps full of oil and ready for the rapture.  If Charles wife doesn't have enough oil in her lamp...I ask in the name of Jesus to do whatever is necessary or needed for her to seek you O Lord.  For her to have a burning desire to be closeer to You.  Give her a hunger to know You more O Lord.  Give her understanding on where Charles' heart is and where he's coming from on things he belives in.  Let her have understanding.  I pray this marriage will have a deep love and understanding of each other.  in the name of Jesus, amen
kathy s.
:-B nerd