Karen (17 Dec 2011)
"re; Charles division at home"

My brother Charles, I understand the frustration you feel about knowing spiritual truth &  your spouse doesnt. I was led into the Messianic movement where my eyes were open to many truths. I also wanted my husband to know these things & to walk with me in changing our lives according to these new truths. It led us down a treacherous path of division. My husband also threatened to leave me. In desperation I prayed to the Lord, asking "what do I need to do open this mans eyes to the truth ?"
His answer shocked me...the Lord said "It is not your job to open his eyes to it. That is the work of my Holy Spirit."  Then I asked him what my job was then in this situation? He told me show compassion , mercy , grace understanding & patience...that is what is required. He also showed me that my zealousness for these new truths was understandable but is blinding me to what was really going on...satan's attack !!! the enemy knew that I had received these truths & his plan was simple. Divide & conquer...then your wife may never get the chance to grow spiritually. I will continue to pray for your situation as well as my own for its been many years now but I finally have seen my husband ( whos name is Charles by the way) starting to believe & put these truths in action. I really believe with all my heart if I would have continued in the manner of overzealousness my hubby would be long gone.
sincerly a sister in Yeshua