Judy Morford (3 Dec 2011)
"Thank you, on Marilyn Agee's Behalf, Could We Now Finish it?"

Dear John,

It was heartening to hear from Marilyn today.  Her taxes are paid and her utilities.  However, her other bills are not paid.  It would b
e such a joyous Christmas, if we are still here, for her to face a debt free Christmas.

Her husband, Ed, has deteriorated mentally to the point that she stays up all night and tries to sleep during the day.  His dreams have become a reality to him and he is constantly yelling for Marilyn because he is living in a fantasy world.  That is extremely hard to live with for her.

Could we individually seek the Lord's face on what he would have us do to finish in his strength  this good work that he began ?  Thank you, so very much again for what you have done individually and what you will yet do.

May God bless you each in the area of your own deep heart's desire as you seek to be a blessing to this dear saint.

Judy Morford