Josua (17 Dec 2011)
"12 small baskets, 7 big baskets"

Dear Doves,

we all know the following from the Bible:

5 breads+2 fishes given to 5000 -> 12 baskets left
7 breads+some small fishes given to 4000 -> 7 baskets left

While researching it, I found that the word translated as "basket" is not the same in Greek. The 12 baskets are small baskets (attached to your clothes?) to put personal (kosher) food into when you are travelling, and the 7 baskets are huge baskets - e.g. the same word is used for Paul to escape the city-wall inside such a basket. I thought this fact may be of interest to you too so I just wanted to share it.

As always, there is significance (even prophecy?) in those numbers and one thought I had is as follows:

When Jesus feeds the 5000, 12 baskets are left. The 5000 are (as taken from the context) probably mostly Jews. So maybe the 12 baskets represent the 12 apostles who first of all carry the gospel to the Jews. Only a "few" are "saved into the 12 small basket".
When Jesus later feeds the 4000, they are Jews and Gentiles (according to the cities as recorded in Mark it must be like that). So the 7 baskets possibly represent the 7 churches (Rev 2+3) of the "Church Age"? A lot of bread is "saved into 7 big baskets" during the church age.

The bread given to people is the word of God, especially the words of Jesus. It is interesting to see that the method Jesus chooses is to do it through his disciples. His words are still spread today through his disciples (that's you and me!) today and not enforced by God the father or his Son Jesus directly.
The "bread saved into the baskets" represents people who accepted Jesus as Messiah (= the anointed one = the messiah) and as result get eternal life. Jesus clearly said he IS the bread of life that came down from heaven.

Any other thoughts?

Watch & Pray!
Love, YBIC, Josua