Josua (14 Dec 2011)
"THANKS to Ron and MathMan"

Dear Ron and MathMan, and all doves

I want to personally thank you, Ron. I see an incredible lot of evidence for "Atonement 2015". I thank you so much for having helped opening my eyes and all your diligent research and the really encouraging posts at fivedoves!

I also want to personally thank you, MathMan, for your recent posts at fivedoves. I so much appreciate how you present and summarize things in a compact way and also how one can feel your excitement and joy - and I love your professional style of writing. Thank you so much, you are a real blessing to me.

I personally hold Kevin Heckles (and probably many others) view that the first half of Daniels 70th weeks was already fulfilled by Jesus (he stopped the sacrifices in the temple and a reinstitution of that will be the ultimate abomination) . However, Obamas "one week" speech and the daycounts shown by Ron is also an incredible confirmation because many things in the Bible have a dual or tripple meaning and it all lines up so incredibly.

I don't mind if others question the things presented by Ron, MathMan, me or others, or can challenge them/us with yet open questions or daycounts etc. That's how it must be. But it must be in correct style and some recent posts lack respect ("Hahahahahahaa"), and are overloaded with accusations and frustration ("They hate us because WE are telling the truth").

I'd like to encourage everybody to diligently search out the truth and share it in love (and without the desire to get credits and honour by men). That's clearly what Ron has been doing and others like me or MathMan personally benefit from that and then again share with others.

Whether "Atonement 2015" is right or wrong - time will show soon. All we know is that from a mathematical point of view it looks promising, and there is no doubt that Gods clocks and daycounts are 100% accurate.

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua