Josh Brunken (5 Dec 2011)
"Rev. Larry Harrold of Center Baptist Church of Omaha on the meaning of Christmas  (great article)"

great christmas article/devotional  from the omaha world herald 's weekly From the Pulpit page
Rev. Larry Harrold of Center Baptist Church of Omaha Nebraska   &
What's Christmas all about? We say, "It's about celebrating Jesus' birth." But consider a few examples of what we do:
We spend a lot of money and time, getting gifts for people, trying to remember what we got them last year and what they like/don't like.
We spend a lot of time, and money, decorating the house, inside and out, with trees, lights, angels, snowmen, nativities and whatever else we have room and electricity for.
We spend a lot of time sending and receiving cards, going to parties, dinners, special events at church or in the community.
And then we try to deal with the stress of trying to get everything done, bought and wrapped, decorated, sent and read, scheduled and paid for.

Where is there time and energy for celebrating Jesus' birth among all this?
Is that one more thing to schedule?
If we're so happy about His birth, why are we so glad when it's all over so we can slow down?
Shouldn't the Christmas season be primarily a time to celebrate the single most significant event in all of human history?
On that one night in Bethlehem, "The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)
Remember, it's not just an event, it's an advent, an entrance of God into the home base of a rebellious creation; a rescue mission to a prison, where the Rescuer ends up being the casualty for the sake of the offenders.

It's not just a birth, it's an incarnation; an assumption of human flesh by a holy God, the King taking the role of a Servant of His subjects.
That's more than just a cause for celebration, it's an occasion for full-blown worship and adoration, well beyond singing some favorite carols and decorating a tree.

So let's "do it!" Let's gather and sing and worship and give thanks to the God who came to save!