Josh Brunken (17 Dec 2011)
"Hollywood Prayer Network's Hannukah 2011 prayer for Jewish people to know the Jewish Messiah"

quote from Hollywood prayer network Dec. 2011 newsletter I got in email:


This year Hanukkah begins on Tuesday, December 20th 2011 at sundown and lasts eight days. On Christmas day the Jews and the Gentiles will all be celebrating our holidays together.

Please pray for the Jewish people in Hollywood who have not yet found their Messiah.

May they experience Jesus on December 25th, right in the middle of Hanukkah!

(side prayer of mine I am adding :)
pray not just for Jewish people in Hollywood, but pray for Jewish people worldwide comes to know the Jewish Messiah in their lives

PRAY also for actresses Michelle Trachtenberg & Stacey Farber & Zena Grey & Emmy Rossum
& Amanda Bynes 
& Kat Dennings 

&  also radio hosts  Howard Stern 
& Michael Savage

all comes to know YESHUA aka JESUS in their lives

ISAIAH 53 and ISAIAH 9:6 and MICAH 5:2 point to the Jewish Messiah aka YESHUA
Hooked on the Truth song by Messianic Singer  Aviad Cohen