John NL (5 Dec 2011)
"Kislev 24 & Sharon"

Dear Doves,

We're approaching the 6th 'anniversary' of the stroke that brought Ariel Sharon in a coma, in which he still vegetates. This happened on Tevet 4, 5766 (January 4, 2006). This December 30, it's Tevet 4, 5772, 6 years after the event according to the Jewish calendar, and 10 days after Kislev 24. Obviously, January 4 2012 is 6 years after the date according to the Gregorian calendar.

If he dies around this date, we'll be reminded of Rabbi Kaduri's message saying that the AC would reveal himself after Sharon's death.

Now here's an 'out-of-the-box' thought: what would happen to Israel and the world if Mr Sharon 'resurrects' miraculously? How would he be regarded? Would it still be Mr Sharon being alive again, or would he have a shocking revelation being somebody else? All speculative of course, but the Enemy will stage some pretty big media events in order to rally the entire world behind his false prophet.

We are living in very exciting times indeed.

John NL