John NL (3 Dec 2011)
"Ron R, Nov.29th, Dec.20th"

Dear Doves,

We're very close to life changing events. It's more important then ever to draw close to the Lord with vigilance and wait for the blessed Hope, our Lord to return.

During the year 2011, so many pieces of the puzzle have been coming together. I don't even know where to start to sum them all up. My adventure with the Doves started in the period 25,26 and 27 November 2010 when the Lord repeatedly and unexpectedly drew my attention to Jonah (see post

Additionally, Susan B had a very interesting question on a revelation of the number 24 to her (see post to which I responded here (

On August 1, this year also the 1st of Av, the third eclipse of the Sun in as many years on this date (1st of Av) happened which is a major warning sign for the people of the world. Not coincidently, in August the first wave of the developing collapse of the global financial system took off, which will result in a complete systemic crisis of the current financial system which is based on fiat money and will result in the financial destruction of more then 90% of the population.

Ron: thanks for your posts. I believe they're spot-on. We're Live Watchers of the fulfilment of Bible prophecies and look forward to the Lord Yeshua taking over the reigns on earth, which is so corrupted by sin and in such a dire state of affairs. Let's pray the Lord will shake and wake up multitudes of people in order to give them the chance to repent and accept Him as their Saviour, King and Lord, before Judgment Day.

John NL