John B (5 Dec 2011)
"Mathman, reply to your critique.....and a challenge to you"

I have a reply to your critique concerning what I wrote in the Ron Reese challenge. You commented (about me) saying...."However, I would be cautious about saying "Obama is not the antichrist" as if you KNEW it was fact.
I believe that I was very cautious when I said Obama was not the antichrist. I was as cautious as God's own words on the matter. Without a complete fact finding mission of the whole bible I simply chose what God had to say about who the antichrist was from Revelation 13 and 17. In those two chapters God gives us a description of this first beast who we call the antichrist. In one of my recent posts I listed 16 different attributes from God's word that describes this person in those chapters.  God does not lie, so Obama would have to fit ALL of these descriptions to be the first beast. He does not........therefore he cannot be the antichrist. As I said before .....his foot doesn't fit into the slipper. Also you said, I should use the phrase....."in my opinion"...... so I will. In my opinion God's words are 100% accurate and Obama can't possible be the first beast or the antichrist.
And please do the research of these descriptions from those chapters yourself. I believe when you do you will find Obama can't be made to fit.
I'll offer you a challenge, convince me that Obama does fit and I'll buy you a new Slide Rule.
You also said something else that troubled me. You said...."I personally feel the mathematical proof pointing towards Obama being the antichrist is exceptionally solid". Being I am a retired engineer I believe mathematics are extremely important in all aspects of society. But to me, to base your biblical beliefs or an effort to establish your biblical beliefs based on mathematics  (in my opinion once again)..... are ill-founded. I thought we were supposed to read God's word and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment as to the the meaning.  I find "crunching the numbers" (as fun as it might be) in an effort to discern the bible to be a little off base and troubling .... in my opinion.
As you felt a need to share your thoughts with me, I share mine with you.
Blessings Mathman.........John B
------Excerpt from Mathman's 3 Dec 2011 article-------

John B:  Very interesting scenario on WWIII – I enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for putting that together!!  However, I would be cautious about saying “Obama is not the Anti-Christ” as if you KNEW it was a fact.  I personally feel that the mathematical proof pointing towards Obama being the Anti-Christ is exceptionally solid (and most would also agree that his character is suitable for just such a role).  However, it is only my opinion that he is the Anti-Christ (yes, a STRONG opinion, but just an opinion – I REFUSE to box God in).  When contradicting something that is not directly against Scripture, may I suggest that you may want to preface such a bold statement with the words “in my opinion”.  Just a thought.  By the way, I certainly have no desire to start a quarrel with you on this.  Our time is WAY to short for quarrelling.  Just simple advice from one brother to another. ----post describing the different descriptions or attributes of the first beast or who we call the antichrist.