John Bidwell (31 Dec 2011)
"Anointing the Most Holy"

I write the following so that we will still be open to the things of scripture. 

The well known prophecy of Daniel Chapter 9 v 24 to 29 is correctly used as a time line. However, some assume that the completion of the prophecy is the return of the Lord. But the passage implies that the completion is actually the anointing of the Most Holy.

Who or what is the Most Holy? I think that this verse is about the anointing of Jesus by the Jews so making and declaring Him King. The return of Jesus and His anointing as King probably will be on the same day, but not necessarily.  

The passage is not primarily about Jesus, it is about the Jews and what has been “determined” upon them. The last of the six things that has been “determined” on them is the anointing of the Most Holy.


John Bidwell