John B (1 Dec 2011)
"How the economy is prophecy fulfilled"

While reading the attached article today the bells and whistles went off as to this articles' fulfillment of bible prophecy.
In Revelation 17 the bible describes  "religious Babylon" and in Revelation 18 a more "economic Babylon" is described. There is no doubt from the text that the religious Babylon will be headquartered in Rome with the RCC as the head of a one world religion but there has always been a disagreement as to where "economic Babylon" was to be. Some believed New York, some London and some thought it would literally be the city of Babylon on the Tigris River in Iraq.
I believe that after reading this article there will be no doubt as to the location of economic Babylon. It will be in Iraq in the city of Babylon, a city that Sadam Hussein refurbished anew. A city I believe the US has spent millions on as well. A city near and I believe named after the Tower of Babel. An ancient and wicket place originally under Nimrod and then of course under Nebuchadnezzar. And soon to be a wicket place once again. A demonic throne of evil very possibly the headquarters of the antichrist or the false prophet.
I never could understand how the Iraq Babylon would rise to a world power player so quickly to fulfill bible prophecy in what appears to be the limited time we have left .....until I read this article. It's all clear now.
I also linked a video sent to Doves by Amy V where the pastor explains in detail the two Babylons that soon will be front and center on the world stage. It amazes me as to how fast bible prophecy is coming together on a now daily basis. You can literally compare the front pages of the newspapers with scripture and come up will the same story. Read and view for yourselves and make your own conclusions.