Jimmy Lishman (9 Dec 2011)
"In furtherance of the Command to WATCH!"

Hi John and Doves

In furthering the writ put out by Gina - "My fellow Watchmen on the Wall, We need to rethink our strategy."


The LORD gave me an answer to a problem in my own mainstream church, in that the Pastors all are A-Millennial and spiritualize everything using replacement theology.

It was then that the LORD showed me that the theological schools doctrine (when doctrine mixes with law you get false doctrines) was defined before 1948 when Israel did not exist, and these doctrines still hold today and are taught as gospel(the word of God is unchanging, ignoring progressive revelation and most of all ignoring Prophecy), ignoring the command to watch and modifying their thinking (and doctrines) to adapt to the Living Word.

The game changer, when Israel became a nation in 1 day according to scripture, on 14 May 1948, NULLIFIED all doctrine previous to this date, spiritualizing Israel in the Scriptures as being the church. So many theologians and their followers who cling to the old teachings, are seriously deluded by this old teaching (origins prior to 1948) as they do not believe that Scripture is a Living thing now and for always and this is one MAJOR thing they did not see – because they were not Watching.

I have to confront my pastors in the coming 2 weeks and ask for prayer that the Spirit might speak and bring Glory to Jesus our Redeemer.

Love in Christ Jesus