Jill Hart (14 Dec 2011)
"RE: "Doves, help please! what do I say to a Jehova witness caller?"

Hi Jane..and other Doves who are called as witnesses

After living in Utah and Idaho for the last seven years, one thing I
have learned about witnessing; it does not matter how much you know
about what the other person believes, what does matter is that you
know the truth and call share it accurately with that person. You need
to know the Word inside and out and pray before, during and after
your conversation. You need to ask a lot of leading questions,
ultimately it is up to that person to make the decision. At some point
they need to want Jesus and until they are there, no amount of
convincing will help them.

It is not your job to convince a person they are wrong, it is only
your job to tell them the truth, in love, not box them into a corner
where they have to defend what they believe (as they will whether they
really believe it or not)

Jesus never tried to talk someone into following Him. He told them the
truth and let them decide for themselves.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to face...but the
simple matter is it is for us to scatter the seed, only God can bring
the increase.

Love to you all,