Jennie (27 Dec 2011)

Hello Doves,  I just wanted to share a little Vision I had ON CHRISTMAS.  I always here people saying when they close their eyes, they see Jesus.  I tried many times in my life, and nothing.  I don't try hard, I just close my eyes and see what comes.  Well, tonight I was getting a shower and I closed my eyes and this is what I saw:
I saw Jesus in a White Robe standing  in front of the White Banquet Table and he was just standing there.  He didn't say anything, but I felt in my spirit he was WAITING for something???  It felt to me like he was saying, IT IS FINISHED, and now I am waiting to hear from my father (GOD) to tell me to FETCH MY BRIDE.  This is the strong feeling I got.  The weird thing about this is the IMAGE I saw in my Mind's Eye won't go away!!!  I wish I could draw it for you all, that is how VIVID it is.  I urge everyone before you go to bed tonight to close your eyes for a moment and see if you see this too???  I think it's finally time   YSIC  Jennie
P.S.  MERRY CHRISTMAS   AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS (No matter what day you were born on?)