Jeff Crisp (23 Dec 2011)
"December 26th Possible Destruction?"

John and Doves,

As we all know the Indonesian earthquake that caused the deadly tsunami's that killed nearly
250,000 individuals occurred on December 26th 2004.  Did you also know that an earthquake
in Bam Iran that killed 27,000 individuals and injured another 30,000 happened on December
26th, 2003?  I always pondered why these tragic events on these dates? In some ways I
thought it could be The Lord's wake up call to let Muslim's in various parts of the world
understand that He is God and that Jesus Christ is The Savior.  The numbers on the
casualties went up tenfold in 2004, will the world have another wake up call this December
26th with a tenfold increase from the Aceh earthquake and tsunami?  I hope not, but
something I feel tells me events will happen before the end of this year.


Jeff Crisp