Jean Stepnoski (5 Dec 2011)
"The Pretense: Marital Hypocrisy and Fraudulent Family Values"

Dear Doves,
      In the stories in Genesis about the days of Noah we learn about the almost total hypocrisy of the wives/mothers towards their marriages. How so? The wives/mothers had been mating with fallen angels, in adultery and fornication, and creating Nephilites. Over generations, this happened and worsened until only one family line was perfect in its generations, the Noah family only. In the days of Noah, there must have been impossible and supreme spiritual discord and havoc in almost all the marriages and families. The untainted line of only Noah went forward to Messiah/Christ. Christ would never have been allowed to have the ancestry of fallen angels, such defiant ones.
      What of the days of Lot and their community values of marital hypocrisy and family trajedy? We learn of Sodom's approval of adultery and fornication, for the husbands/fathers to practice male homosexuality among men and homosexual pedophilia. All the men of Sodom converge late at night outside Lot's home that they "might know" Lot's male guests. This includes the men and boys of Sodom "from youth to old age." First in the times of Noah, and later in the days of Lot, marriage vows, fidelity, and family values became bad jokes. The Pretense. What happens to a nation or place when "the combination package" becomes accepted everywhere by members of that culture, that society? Heterosexual marriage and family lives become fake fronts, window dressing, smokescreens, cover stories, The Pretense. With degenerating marital and family values, the spouses avidly seek "arrangements on the side" outside their marriages. They consider themselves clever in their plans, schemes, dishonesty, and games and tricks. They convince themselves that there are sexual "generic alternatives" to their marriages.
      This dreadful hypocrisy, abject phoniness to the core, has been displayed in recent weeks in stories in American media. It is seen in the marriage and impending divorce of an American "cougar" wife and her younger husband and his "open marriage" enthusiasms for women under the age of 25. Combo pack! We see it in the lurid stories from Penn State University and Syracuse University about 2 less than doting husbands/fathers and their "attractions" to boys. And we see it in the story about a man from Atlanta, Georgia concerning a 13 year duration friendship with a female "friend" given cash gifts, seemingly not declared to the IRS by giver or recipient. Who is being fooled? There is no "package deal" or sexual "generic alternatives" or "combo pack" or "arrangements on the side" outside heterosexual marriage and family life which are approved by Father, Son, Spirit. Marital hypocrisy to marriage bed and vows and fraudulent family values do not get blessed in days of old or now. The Master promised that the world would have values again of the days, the times of Noah and of Lot. The Pretense is here. We see The Pretense all around us in the marital hypocrisy, infidelity, fraudulent family values, and brazen and defiant lack of repentance. "As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be." Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,