Jean Stepnoski (27 Dec 2011)
"Evenings of 12-27 or 28: The ENDING of HANUKKAH: THE LAST DAY"

  Dear Doves,
      The Last Day of Hanukkah begins at sunset on 12-27 in 2011. All the lights on the hanukkiahs are lit this evening as Hanukkah Day 7 goes to Day 8, the celebrations for Hanukkah begin to conclude. Most of the world will be in the Third Day of the Scriptural Week and Israel goes to the Day 4 of the Scriptural Week, "the Midst of the Menorah Day" of the 7 days of the Scriptural Week. With the premature lighting of the hanukkiah on the evening of 12-8-2011, mention was made about 20 days. Going forward from that evening means that 12-27 to 28 is DAY 20 beginning. What Day is the Focus of Emphasis? It is not on Days 1-19, including days 1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7 of Hanukkah. DAY 20, THE LAST DAY/THE FINAL DAY, is THE DAY to REMEMBER, UNDERSCORE, and symbolic of ENDING. The ENDING of much more than Hanukkah?
      All the lights on all the hanukkiahs will be lit and ablaze with lights as 12-27 goes to 12-28 at sunset. For Israel, the home and origin of the Hanukkah stories and legends, all those lovely LIGHTS will literally and symbolically GO OUT and the deep DARKNESS at the dark of the moon will prevail in that nocturnal experience. Was a message sent, as Mercer and others have wondered, on the evening of 12-8 about DAY 20 as it begins or ends for ISRAEL? Will other lights be seen in the nocturnal Rosh Chodesh darkened skies above, as days of Tevet are beginning, on the evening of 12-27? Or 12- 28? We shall know soon. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,