Jean Stepnoski (2 Dec 2011)
"Noah (Water) and Lot (Fire): Surprising Day of Infamy on 12-7-1941"

Dear Doves,
       In the Noah stories in Genesis, the deaths of the many, other than the Noah family of 8 people, were in Water. The deaths of the many at Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities on the plain, other than the Lot family of 3 people, were in Fire. These are the 2 great motifs or themes in the vitally important stories in Genesis about the days of Noah and the days of Lot: WATER and FIRE. They are so significant, Messiah/Christ reminds His followers about them, to remember them and reflect upon them in all seriousness. We are in anniversary days of Cheshvan and Kislev of the 40 days and nights of rain, deluge, and global flooding. This extends from 11-14-2011, Cheshvan 17 to 12-23-2011, Kislev 24 to 25. A period of 21 days extends from Cheshvan 17 on 11-14 to 12-6 to 7. Where do we see linked the themes or motifs in American history, of WATER and FIRE, on an anniversary date this month on 12-7? The Master linked the stories about the days of Noah (WATER) and the days of Lot (FIRE) in teachings about the latter days of the latter days. This will be the time just before The Blessed Hope. He links the stories to underscore among other perils, the dangers of WATER AND FIRE COMBINED. These were separate events, yet The Master compares and contrasts them in his teachings in Matthew and in Mark. These events of old, by WATER or FIRE, took almost all people by complete surprise. On the verge of such peril, almost everyone expected life and their lives to go on as they always had before, as they were conditioned to expect them to be, as they had been. Then tumult happened, shock and awe, destruction and massive deaths. The Flood was a global or worldwide event. The Covenant with Noah promises, among other things, that there will never again be a global flood. The sign of the rainbow attests to this promise. There is no Covenant, no promise in The Scriptures, that the world will not be devoured and destroyed with fire, either locally or globally. For example, read the passages in Revelation about high tech warfare and solar burning. What is the essence of warfare?  According to ancient history they used bows and arrows, swords, knives, shields, helmets, spears, slings and stones, and catapults and rocks. Since the invention of gunpowder, the elements of explosions with fire have been used. When bullets or other explosives are used, the common element is FIRE. Technically, death by bullet wounds are first set into motion by explosions with fire, to send the bullets out through the barrels of revolvers or rifles or machine guns. Use of bombs, within spheres or cylinders, uses the same concepts of explosives and fire. Modern day warfare since the invention of gunpowder uses FIRE. Let us return to consider the anniversary date on 12-7-2011. It will be the 70th anniversary of the infamous surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 12-7-1941. What else can we associate with the number 70 in the latter days? There is the completion of the shavua of The 70th Week of Daniel.
      Of all the days of December in 2011, there is no other horrific anniversary day linking the themes of destruction and deaths in WATER and FIRE like what happened at Pearl Harbor. The warfare events remembered in the days of Hanukkah do not combine these themes! I The sudden warfare against America and American servicemen at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that tragic morning, when many were sleeping, was the catalyst to compel the U.S.A. to enter into World War II. Does The Master remind His followers to stay sober, watch for Him, and not fall asleep? Is there any plan or plans for some to use this symbolic anniversary day for a significant event or events? Would The Messiah/Christ want us to reflect upon these days of 12-6 to 7? Did many men die in WATER? Many men died by drowning, they were sleeping and then entombed within their ships which were sunk by bombs (FIRE) dropped from Japanese planes. Were many men killed by gunshot wounds or explosions (FIRE)? This was indeed a horrible day of surprising infamy with the deaths of the many in WATER and FIRE! I Some  are looking to the Days of Hanukkah in 2011. First, we need to consider 12- 6 to 7 in 2011. Might there be nefarious plans to unfold in space and in time for the United States of America,  before there are nefarious plans to unfold for Israel? To devastate one before the other? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,