Jean Stepnoski (10 Dec 2011)
"Justice At Solomon's Porch: Past and Future"

Dear Doves,
      In John 10:22 we learn that Messiah/Christ was in Jerusalem in Winter during Hanukkah, the final one of His lifetime. A less known title for Hanukkah, among many, is the Feast of Fire. Other titles include the Feast of Dedication or the Festival of Lights. From the date this year of Cheshvan 17 concerning the Days of Noah (WATER) there are then 40 days (the anniversary days and nights when the rains fell)  into the Hanukkah Days with stories including olive oil and lamps (FIRE). Of particular significance is where he was at the Second Temple Complex, where He chose to be walking that His adversaries went there to speak to Him. He was walking in part of the Court of the Gentiles. Anyone could be there, any member of the House of Israel or pagan Gentiles, those from the Nations. This was an area of the Temple with free and unlimited access, for each and for all, man, woman, or child.
      Some themes of Hanukkah from the Maccabean revolt are dedication, restoration, and judgment brought by the light of Yahweh. These themes have dual application, from the times of Antiochus Epiphanes IV and his ilk from 168 BCE to 165 BCE and the coming Beast (antichrist or anti-Messiah) of the last days. Is there a third application concerning the Messiah/Christ as THE JUDGE of all to most rightly and most wisely execute dedication, restoration, and judgement?
      The location of Solomon's Porch (Shlomo's  Porch) was vitally important, past and future. It was part of Solomon's Temple, yet visible in the times of Messiah with Herod's Temple, the Second Temple. Solomon's Porch was a portico or porch with many columns, each 37 feet high, upon which porch the wise judgment of King Solomon had been publicly rendered. Messiah/Christ will execute judgment on the nations there on Yom Ha Din (The Day of Judgment).
      When the Temple authorities with hostile, angry, and murderous intent demand answers about who He is, it is vitally important WHERE He chooses to meet them. According to "The Light on Solomon's Porch" by Rabbi Yochanan Mascaro, the phrase translated as "How long doest thou make us to doubt" is very interesting in the Greek. It means "How long will you take away (or lift up) our very breath, soul, life" in expectation of who you are." The idea of "lift up" reminds us of The Blessed Hope. Where will The Master render judgment in the future at The Second Coming and later? He will "enter the Temple and stand in judgment of the peoples from the eastern part of the Temple where Shlomo's Porch was located; known as the eastern gate, the King's gate, the gate of Messiah, and gate of judgment." The location of Solomon's Temple altar was before the twin pillars of the Court of the Gentiles between Solomon's Porch and the eastern gate. Symbolically, in the confrontation with Temple authorities who were unbelievers in Him, The Master stood His ground above where the altar and twin pillars had been in the times of King Solomon. He stood facing the Holy of Holies. Each of the other men stood with their backs to the Holy of Holies! "So anyone desiring to enter the Temple Sanctuary would need to go through Yahshua before they could see the Sanctuary. Yahshua's placement of Himself at Schlomo's Porch on the eastern side of the Temple effectively seals off entry to the Sanctuary to those who still desired to enter legally through the eastern gate until they first dealt with Him. Thus, while less obvious to those without understanding of the Temple's construction, here is yet another connection to Schlomo's Porch and why Yahshua's deliberate positioning of Himself there, spoke more forcefully than had He actually affirmed His Messiahship with further words- actions speak louder than words- particularly in Hebrew thought." The positioning, the symbolic placement of Himself in the tableau is critically important and tremendously revealing before He utters a single word to them! He shows and states He really is The Door of access to Yahweh.
      This was the part of the First Temple where King Solomon wisely judged. King Messiah/Christ, The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, will use this place again at His Second Coming to rightly, perfectly, and wisely be THE JUDGE. The Light of the World shall be appearing again as The Light where Solomon's Porch, the place of Judgment and Teaching, was long ago. We may ask, how long it might be before He "lifts up our very breath, soul, life" in The Blessed Hope? Hanukkah Days in 2011 may point to The Season of His Return for those eagerly awaiting the joy of His Appearing!
With Love and Shalom,