Jason Robillard (23 Dec 2011)
"Dennis Hart (Another Earthquake)"

Thanks Dennis. Timothy Snodgrass is the real deal, I would not have found this except for you (and 5doves). Many Doves just like Timothy are not pre-trib. We do not post reasons because they will not get posted. I have been an almost daily follower of fivedoves since 2005 because John Tng's website for me is simply the best digest of current events that I can find, and yes I have developed a special love for those who post even if I only take bits and pieces from there posts. I believe in rapture but will not get into my thoughts on when this "mortal shall put on immortality". I am half Jewish, from the tribe of Judah a descendant of David, yet like many of you I am much more grateful that I am the seed of Abraham found in Hebrews 11 and Romans 9:6.  I will say that I believe Yeshua has ordained Dec. 25th for His day. I celebrate it as the day the wise men brought Yeshua gifts to the young (not newborn) baby. So Merry Christmas to all! I would like to say this if I am allowed; for those watching for the rapture, I would recommend instead watching for He who raptures. You can dwell in His presence today, yes this very hour, and if you do He will hold an open door before you that no one can shut. Rapture, transport, translation, they are all real and will all happen to those who keep there eyes on Him.
Jason Robillard