James Muecke (9 Dec 2011)
"Will God Judge America with Mercy The Way He Judged the Soviet Union?"

Will God Judge America with Mercy

The Way He Judged the Soviet Union?


Or will He judge America with a sudden firestorm the way he judged Sodom and Gomorrah?


Either way, God is going to judge America.  Even a child can see the signs all around us.


Decades ago Billy Graham said that if God does not judge America, then He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.


In contrast, the Russian peoples were under the hammer of pure atheism for seventy years.  


For much of that time, the Soviet Union trapped the world in a cold war that could have, at any moment, exploded into a nuclear Armageddon.


The Soviet Union was the most dangerous and belligerent military power to ever exist.


It was as if the world was trapped for a generation with the clock at high noon.  In the middle of the street stood two gunslingers—each waiting for the next move.  Both could easily die.


Those of us that lived through that time could not imagine that the world could get out of its perilous situation without the life-ending blasts of sixty thousand warheads.


But suddenly, the Soviet Union just died.  On its own.  Without one missile being fired.


The evil empire died by the stroke of a pen.  It was a pen held in the hands of its own lords. 


The world rejoiced. The relief cannot be described.


No one had ever dared to hope for, or even imagine, what actually did happen. 


No media forecasted it.  No Kool-Aid prophet foretold it.


God brought judgment—but in mercy.   God: I am Thanking You!


God, will you do the same for America?


Or must America die in a sudden firestorm?