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"Ten sleeping virgins3 Jesus pattern"

Ten sleeping virgins3 Jesus pattern


Jesus was born of a Hebrew virgin.

He came as Messiah to birth a Hebrew bride.

The time of the end comes as birth pangs.

After seven “days” of purification the Hebrew bride is cleansed and ready for marriage.  The “virgins” are told, “the bridegroom cometh.”


Is this why Jesus spoke a parable about “virgins”?  That Jesus’ message of the virgins (which can be bridesmaids) reflects back on His birth, a prophetic sign of the Messiah, seems very important.  He was introduced as Messiah by His virgin birth.  He will begin His messianic reign by returning for His Hebrew “virgin” bride.  What a warm-hearted way to look upon the bride purified through the time of His wrath.  He recalls His own human birth.  Knowing the end from the beginning, has He reversed the process so His earthly beginning reflects His return as Messiah and bridegroom?


So, a rapture birth of the faith-bride is followed by a mikveh bath of purifying wrath.  In Daniel 9:26 he was told the end would come with a flood.  A mikveh is a pool of “living-flowing” waters, as Jesus described himself to the Samaritan woman.  A woman who He also said had no husband.  The purifying flood of wrath results in an end-time purified Hebrew bride, “virgin”.


The Song of Solomon follows a similar pattern.  Her lover is there before she is aware.  Her skin is black from exposure to the sun.  This is because her stepbrothers (the arabs and “false Jews”?) are angry with her and made her keepers of the vineyard (see Mat 24).  The sun has left its mark upon her.  She calls him a shepherd with a flock.  He calls her a lily among thorns.  He says do not try to awaken love until it pleases (the right time).  She is seen in the clefts of the rock (petra?) and so on…


What we expect in the future(with some disagreement) from Isa 17, Eze 38&39, Ps 83 and Revelation among others is that there will be a short war which will bring on The war of Gog and Magog.  God surprises Israel by intervening supernaturally for all the world to see.  The remnant recognize Jesus, the shepherd, as Messiah.  Soon, they must hurriedly flee into the desert (petra?) to escape the presence of anti-christ and ultimately, Armageddon.  To me, these are strong parallels.



As I was considering the virgin birth the idea of trimesters came to mind.  Immediately, I recalled the three sets of judgments in Revelation; seals, trumpets and bowls.  Could each set represent the trimesters of birth?  I looked for a manner in which the sets of seven could be reflected in the timing of gestation.  Three sets of seven sums to 21 judgments.  If we define gestation as 39 weeks we have 273 days.  273 divided by 21 is 13.  One trimester is 13 weeks.  Could it be?  Trimester 1 is the seals.  Trimester 2 is the trumpets and trimester 3 is the bowls.  When I referenced 273 at biblewheel The first meaning on the reference list is “The KEY”.   It occurs in Rev 3:7 in the letter to the church in Philadelphia:


And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;


Is the key of Revelation, 273? , provided in the letter to the Philadelphia church?

Is this the key of Revelation birthpangs, trimesters, gestation (273), seals, trumpets and bowls?


PS.  Associating some numbers…273-153=120.  4/11/2012 minus 120 days is 12/13/2011.