GM (3 Dec 2011)
"Re: Barry A. and sleeping “virgins”"

Re: Barry A. and sleeping “virgins”


Barry, thank you for your thoughts.  If the parable does not specifically mean every person, then you may be correct.

You have reminded me of the disciples in the garden when Jesus prayed.  They could not stay awake.  Was it three hours?  Could that represent three years?  So, that is very interesting.  When looking at the sequence of parables it seems to me the virgins are post rapture, so not the church.  However, the fact is we don’t have a very clear idea of the living conditions of believers in the tribulation.  Especially, how the power of God will move among them.

When Jesus says all ten “virgins” are asleep I think He means all.  He could have said nine or seven etc.  We know for sure many are asleep now.  I’m hoping for a post rapture end-time revival.