GM (17 Dec 2011)
"Re: Amy I get it:)"

Re: Amy I get it:)

Don’t know why the infomercial didn’t come to mind, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Here’s a little different take.  I think the infomercial is a poor (satanic) attempt to copy (“anti”), Daniel’s prophecy.  I believe this could be why the book was “sealed”, so those led by evil would improperly follow the prophecy. 

This idea holds on Jesus’ first coming.  Even though Satan knew scripture, he followed conventional Jewish thinking regarding the Messiah coming as king and missed the whole “gentile thing”:), which opened the door for the age of grace.  If Satan had correctly understood he never would have sought Jesus’ death.

The perspective on Daniel I offered seems like a powerful message to the Jews to me.  Is it time?