Gerlinda (9 Dec 2011)
"Joe Chappell"

Dear Joe,
Yes, that is who it was that had that vision, Jeane Dixon NOT Miss Kuhlmann.
Please accept my apologies for this major mix-up.  And thank you Joe for straightening this matter out.
Getting old...... Come Lord Jesus,

Dear Nicole and Gerlinda
Nicole , I read your question to Gerlinda, regarding Kathryn Kulman and the snake vision.
Maybe I can be of some help. I think there is some confusion here. I have read several biographies of Kathryn, and never saw anything about the snake vision.
However , Psycic Jean Dixon tells about a vision she had in 1952 of a wise snake.
I would have nothing to do with Jean Dixon, I think she was in league with Satan
Hope this helps, joechappell