Gerlinda (6 Dec 2011)
"Sorry Nichole"

Dear Nichole,
I so agree with your message about being wary of those "Prosperiety Preachers" and a host of many others items you spoke about.  You mentioned Kathryn K. and I am so sorry to be the one to point out that she is among the many charlatans that infiltrated the church with her healings, etc.  I have investigated so many and had a very good link on Kathryn but lost it so I will pass this one on here.
Remember, it is she who had that dream of a huge snake emcompassing her body and she described it as so being so loving or words to that affect, meaning that she was not a bit afraid.  It was at that vision where she told of the Antichrist having been born.  When has a snake ever been regarded as having love in it's eyes or a symbol of goodness?  The Tribe of Dan was offended by that symbol given to them and changed it to an Eagle, which to me is a pure message of deception being portrayed down the course of history by the snake that first visited humanity in the garden.  I hope you got to read the article I posted on The Tribe of Dan producing the A/C.  Both Moses and Jacob gave prophecies concerning Dan in the End Days.  He will judge his people (Israel).   Our Great I AM has so often used the very obvious insider to mete out justice, hasn't He?   Please, also realize that he has the blood-line of the Assyerian/Roman/Dan/Son of Satan.    That pretty much covers all those that are coming against Israel now, isn't it?  God will use him and ultimently destroy him with His Coming. 
 By the way, I too, have no church home anymore and do not trust any of them although I do realize there are solid individual church within some of the denominations.   I  find fellowship among believers such as those on Five Doves who search scripture and look for the Return of Jesus Christ.  Is it any wonder that Jesus tells us that the road is narrow that leads to Him?
Sorry Nichole,