Gerlinda (6 Dec 2011)
"The Pretense"

Your article has hit upon an age old sin in such a way that most pastors or Christians would shudder to even think this has taken place.  We've heard the stories about the bunch in Sodom but not much ever has been said about the women that apprently consented to this mating with the Fallen Angels.  Your first paragraph regarding the women is a real "Wow Insight".  Great work!  .  gerlinda
 In the stories in Genesis about the days of Noah we learn about the almost total hypocrisy of the wives/mothers towards their marriages. How so? The wives/mothers had been mating with fallen angels, in adultery and fornication, and creating Nephilites. Over generations, this happened and worsened until only one family line was perfect in its generations, the Noah family only. In the days of Noah, there must have been impossible and supreme spiritual discord and havoc in almost all the marriages and families. The untainted line of only Noah went forward to Messiah/Christ. Christ would never have been allowed to have the ancestry of fallen angels, such defiant ones.