Gerlinda (5 Dec 2011)
"Frank, re-plate dream"

I had asked for a confirmation on the first dream, didn't I?  Here, I thought that I didn't receive an answer so the Lord was telling me "No".  It never occurred to me that this second dream, coming so quickly after my request could mean what you suggested BUT, why not?  My husband has told me this over and over again, to just let it go and trust God (easier said then done!).  You, Frank, telling me the very same thing is the confirmation I needed.  So, here we have it out of the mouth of two earthly men and Our Spiritual Father.  Thank You, Frank.

My guess is that the Lord wants you to let go of this situation.
Place it in his hands, let go of the plate
It's not going to break if you let go of it, even though it looks like it will