Gerlinda (30 Dec 2011)
"Re: KLM's wonderful references"

Thanks KLM for your links on Biblical History/world history that you gave us.   I, especially, loved the maps and history of the Biblical tribes as they were divided to go to their respective lands and then the maps tell us so much of how the flood caused land masses to split and various plates to slip up, down or crash, which-ever that is causing so much chaos all over the world and gaining in intensity.  What a world our God has created and how much He loves us to tell us what will be.  Oh, after looking at the maps directly below, I saw how Eastern Germany (Gomer) could easily be part of the alliance that comes against Israel.  I've told this to family there over 20 years ago; they laughed at that impossibility and now look?  It is happening right before our eyes and theirs, I hope.
About the link speaking of "Bush's War" and how he is blamed for what began earnestly in 2002.  It isn't so far fetched at all when one studies the history of how the Bush family were German and grandfather Bush was part of the banking firm that funded Hitler's war.  I have a link that actually shows pictures of George Bush Sr. as a teen sitting with his parents among top ranking Nazis.  As a conservative, I was shocked yet as I watched events taking place, I had to admit, I and others had been hood-winked.  Like the Bible tells us, there is nothing new under the sun and as this author told, the Sibling Rivalry has been part of the on-going history that dates back when the boys were struggling in the womb of their fact, it goes back to the Garden.
Now, this link below here that you sent is awesome in how it presents the fact that Jacob's Trouble is not something in the End Days but rather an on-going dispute between brothers, which will one day soon, be ended.  When one looks at the above maps, it is not hard at all to know that the USA and Europe is filled with the tribes of Israel and also with the tribes of Essau.  This is what makes this End Time World Power so hard to is no longer restricted to a certain locale.  We know that the United Nations, head-quartered in NY is filled with Essau's descendants and does everything to stop the development of the True Jewish Israel in order to fulfill Essau's hand in heading up leadership, government buildings, Masonic symbols and symbols of the Lion everywhere, which do not represent the Tribe of Judah but rather the Lion and her cubs who turned their back upon Jehovah God and aligned themselves with Essau, whom seem to control everything under the guise of they being Jews, which we know, they are not.  As I've said many times: these are the Great Pretenders who are experts at getting gentiles to hate the true Jews.  It really takes a descerning heart, spirit and head knowledge for Biblical history to sort them out. 
Antichrist is a part of this brother-hood that leads those kings against Jacob.  For years and years they put on the face of deceit.  That makes me smile about how now the average citizen has begun to see through them and their glittsy balls they have where they put on masks of deceit.    I happen to be one of those that believe the Spirit of Abaddon/Apolloyon/Nimrod will in-dwell the present man whom has already been chosen.   When he declares himself as 'god', which he did recently in a speech but when he actually stands in Jerusalem and does this,  things will turn against him as only the Coming of the Lord Yeshua could do. 
Thank you KLM for your post here and John for making it possible to get into these very important topics.