Gerlinda (28 Dec 2011)
"Whoduthunk could still believe the  Shroud was a fake after the endless evidence by countless experts, who would love to prove it false and yet only added to the fact it was the real thing?"

Dear Whoduthunk,  Our bantering back and forth on some of these issues are just that bantering and self opinions such as how he looked, how much a beard pulled out is considered much in a few hand-ful tungs or pulling it all out.  The face shows quite of it left.  I hope these things shown below will give you much more evidence that will support what you, yourself are saying, like-wise, in your descriptions of what he suffered.  I also traveled to Israel and saw the same place where he was beaten and also where he was taken down into the room below the home of Chaiphes, the High Priest where he spent the night behind bars until the next day when the 1st of 3 trials were held for him.  But,  above ground of Chaiphes home, on ground leve,l is the statue that labels that as the place where Peter denied Jeshua three times.  From there, it was quite a walk down to the Roman slab where trials were held.  In that place you describe as being underground, isn't that where today the Roman and Greek & Russian Orthodox Church share as the burial  place where Jesus was lain and where they also lay claim to the post where Jeshuah was tied while he was scoured.  Course scriptures tells us he was crucified outside the city walls, placed in a borrowed tomb in a garden near by so that contradicts the churches' claim, doesn't it?  Yes, he suffered so much and the reports given below by these men show that the shroud bear the very markings of the gospel accounts.  I was wrong about the blood type.  It was A/B positive instead of negative as I had thought.  I know the blood & water mix that fell down through the earthquake crack to the cave below where the Ark of The Covenant was placed for just this moment in history also had blood on it which Ron Whyte insisted be tested by the Jewish Onocologist, which was so convincing that they were brought to the belief of their Messiah having been Yeshua all along.  gerlinda