Gerlinda (28 Dec 2011)
"Alert issued by State Department for US Citizens"

John & Doves, 
 I just read this alert issued by State Department.  I believe it is a first time ever.  This tells us that "something" must be in the making.  I know that the Russian claim  the US is responsible for the failure of their Mars probe spacecraft Phobos-Grunt to ignite in it's second thrust out of near earth on November 8, 2011. The reason of this failure has not been determined yet suspicions are there.  Although the spacecraft is expected to land some-where in central US, there are some that HAARP Grid located in Alaska may be the object of retatliation.   Whatever is going on, it is a very, very good time, if not done before, to tell others about this danger and to be sure they have asked for forgiveness of sins and invited Yeshua into their heart and lives as their Saviour and God.

State Department Issues Holiday Travel Alert for All U.S. Citizens Visiting the U.S. Monday, December 26, 2011 8:44