Gerlinda (27 Dec 2011)
"Angels, Aliens and Anti-christ"

Dear John & Doves,
Angels, Aliens and Antichrist
This is very vital information in three audios which will help students of God's Word to  better understand the basics of the Fall in the Garden and why God addressed Satan as He did about mixing his seed with the seed of the woman...Genesis 3:14-15. Satan has been trying to thwart the plan of God through-out man's walk on earth.  To grasp this is to understand why all Hell (literally) is coming upon earth and why men and women of God are being shown things which had been pretty well been hidden for so long.
Thank you John for all of your hard work, which we all appreciate so much.  I read on a chat forum last night how Five Doves is really smoking.....quite a compliment to your work here.   
Thank You Yeshua,