Gerlinda (24 Dec 2011)
"Frank  - Mystery soved"

Dear Frank & Doves,
Frank, Your post about the Menorah caused me to spend a great deal of the day searching out the many types and styles of 9 candle Menorahs.  They are basically the same except some have a holder at the end, which apparently holds the candle that lights the others...perhaps some secular design.  Some have two end holders sticking apart from the others and then there is this kind here I copied and pasted.    So, are you saying that the type used was such as the one I pasted here that has the middle holder sticking out towards the front?   And looking at the front position of it, they all come to the same height, except when seen with the center turned to be near the  back-side.    Yet, notice the picture taken of the White House Menorah, it clearly shows the center wax candle quite a ways down despite  the fact that the center decorative piece was to the front of the others......way too low to even dismiss it.  It hadn't melted lower because all the candles are the same length.  In fact, upon closer look, it looks as if it isn't even placed inside of a decorative front holder but something fixed on the second branch, slightly off center of the decorative 5th holder. 
The information of the blonde woman, shadows, lighting really isn't  revelant to the Menorah at all. 
So, the mystery of why the center "Servant Lamp" was so much lower is not solved.  In fact, it becomes more evident than ever that a deliberate slight was there for all to see; those Insiders that laughed at the hidden message and those whom clearly could see the slight....perhaps that would be those with the beards that Obama would not kiss.  I agree no red ribbon is seen.  gerlinda

                                Plated Hanukkah Menorah