Gerlinda (2 Dec 2011)

Edwina,  Yes, it was me and quickly others followed with pointing out his videos....that is the result that Almighty God show His Own the evil that is all around us and for us to not be so naive when it comes to the tricks of Satan and his minions.  I seldom listen to talk radio because it takes so much time but Edwina, I listen to the radio show last night of Tribulation Now and Jonathan was on as a guest telling about his day in court on Tuesday.  What should have taken only 30 minutes dragged on to a whole day trial.  His own lawyer tried to get him to lie but he would not.  His lawyer wanted him to say if questioned if he said bad things against his wife, "Absolutely Not".  He refused to lie but feels he did fudge the facts a small bit and thus was paying a small price for the promise he made to God not to lie at all. The judge awarded the children to be in the custody of their mother for two weeks but God assured him all was well and the children were his.  This would be just over the holidays and as Kleck said he could see how this was ok and allowed him the precious time he needed to complete a CD of this complete work to give out later.  Otherwise he would be busy washing clothes, cooking, etc. as he chuckled telling it.  I have grown to respect this man so very much; he tries so hard to be true to God and the Heart of the Whole Revelation being given.    Did you know that the mother of his children is out of one of the 13 Illuminati families?  That shows the power that is behind destroying this man.  The FBI man turned out to be a real gentleman, he said  who just seemed to warn Kleck about not lettting his work be used by the other organizations out there who are bent to do their destructive work.  I am using my own words here Edwina, ok?   There was much more information given on that whole two hour progam put out by Tribulation Now.   Let's continue to pray for this Warrior whom God annointed for such a work as this.