Gerlinda (2 Dec 2011)
"two dreams i want to share"

John & Doves,
I have had very few dreams in my life that I actually saw come true later.  One was of a fire and another of a flood.    I want to share two very recent dreams  because I feel that they may mean something. This first one never leaves my mind.  The second just took place.
Early in the Summer I had a very vivid dream where I saw my granddaughter, who has CP getting out of her wheel chair.  Her twin sister is completely healthy and active.    I've prayed for her healing so much through-out her 18 years, bringing  ridicule upon myself by her mother who, somehow blames me because she hasn't been healed.    Anyhow, my  granddaugher suddenly  leapt up upon some logs lying on the ground and jumped up into the trees surrounding a building (completely free).  What makes this unusual is the setting.  It took place along the woods of their home out in the country where there is no building.  While this was happening, I saw my son, her father, pay no attention to her but keep right on working on a building that was being erected and cleaning up around it where this took place.   As I said, there is no building at that location but unknown to me is that they had planned on putting up a building which would serve as an office/family den and it would not be attached to the house but be erected on the edge of the woods.  Since I do not see them often, I was surprised to see that the ground had been broken and the frame of a building going up right where my granddaughter sat in her wheel chair.  That was in September, I believe.   Now, it is finished.  I asked the Lord if I was allowed to mention this to my son but got no confirmation.    A friend asked if I thought this meant that she got healed and I answered, "No, I believe it means something else."  Just a few days ago  I read that someone sitting and moving around in a tree signified spiritual freedom.  I don't know if this is so but do know, this was so very real. I did not see this as a death but a "sudden change".   Any thoughts on this from someone/anyone?
This morning, prior to waking up I had a short dream of seeing a plate slip out of my hand.  As I awoke,  I heard an audible voice say, "My Hand".   No, I did not see it crash, just slip.   Could this mean there will be a plate slippage and it is the Hand of the Lord that will allow this?