Garry B (24 Dec 2011)
"To Mathman - Reference your post on Dec. 23"

I thank you Mathman for responding to my post asking you to show us Doves the formula(s) and inputs you used to arrive at the odds of 1 in 6.9 billion that the Great Tribulation will end on September 23, 2015.

As you stated in your post, you used 4 generally accepted theories (GAT’s) and 4 personal theories (PT’s) in your 4 formulas.

What would be the resulting odds if 1 of the 4 GAT’s is incorrect, if 2 GAT’s are incorrect, if 3 GAT’s are incorrect, if all 4 GAT’s are incorrect, if 1 PT was incorrect, if 2 PT’s are incorrect, if 3 PT’s are incorrect or if all 4 PT’s are incorrect or if all 4 GAT’s and all 4 PT’s are incorrect?

I do have an open mind and I find yours and other timelines interesting.  However, all seem to be built using some amount of GAT’s and PT’s which opens up the door to human error.

I honestly don’t know the dates the Great Tribulation starts or ends or the date of the rapture of the Church but I do know Luke 21:36 and I try my best to make Jesus the priority of my life.  I do think we are watching end-time Bible prophecies being fulfilled.

Merry Christmas Mathman and Doves.

Garry B