Gabriel (13 Dec 2011)
"Syria arms missiles with chemical warheads  ( Isaiah 17:1 )"

Isaiah 17:1 — The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap:
 – This is a big situation – During the Psalm 83 Battle, Damascus may get Nuked — What may happen during Psalm 83 is that Syria may send over a Biological or Chemical Weapon which is a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) – an appropriate response to a WMD is another WMD, which Israel may send over – a Nuke, destroying the city of Damascus. This will probably end the attack, and make the way for Daniel 9:27 ... A Peace treaty that starts off the Tribulation sometime soon !!!
Syria arms missiles with chemical warheads  :::
 " Additionally, Russia, which stood by the Assad regime’s defiance of international pressure on Damascus, sent 3 million gas masks to the troubled country. Most of those masks will be distributed to the regime’s loyalists, the families of soldiers and Baath supporters. The distribution of the masks is set to be completed by the end of December, according to the daily. "
Israel and Syria brace for regional war between mid-Dec. 2011 and mid-Jan 2012