Frank R Molver (30 Dec 2011)
"Jovial re KJV, Obama"

I appreciate your work in addressing certain issues re translation problems.
You definitely have the credentials.
I am sure you know what you are getting into
Some battles never will go away until Christ returns
KJV only, rapture, once saved always saved, who is the anti christ.
I recall there were certain scriptures in the KJV that caused me lots of confusion while I was first reading the word.
They were cleared up by other versions, but I don't think not knowing them prevented me from becoming saved.
So there are a few that will hopefully receive your invite for deeper study.
As far as Obama goes and what he quoted lighting the Menorah.
Yes, the term does mean making the world a better place.
But do you trust Obama to do that, is what he wants and what you want the same thing.
I wonder if you have been keeping up with what has been shared here.
Everything I share here has been in the main stream news media.
Why would Obama stand before the replica of the throne of Satan in Germany during his election?
Why does Obama carry around a host of other religious trinkets in his pocket, one being the monkey god.
Why would shamans in South America pray and fast for him to be elected.
Why is this man so pro homosexual and abortion yet claim to be Christian.
Don't you see the Islamic agenda in his administration?
I could go on and on.
I will leave you with a personal note.
This is not here say but relayed to me from my ministry friends who work in Africa.
They were contacted by a person who was involved in a witchcraft ceremony in Africa during the election.
Obama and his wife were in attendance, that is who the ceremony was for.
This person who attended this was a witch.
She became so frightened that she contacted some missionaries who just so happen to be my friends.
She came to Washington state for deliverance up at a prayer retreat.
It was not a pretty sight.
Obama is evil Joe.