Frank R Molver (24 Dec 2011)
"re Nicole Poon's vision drawings, red yellow blue flag etc"
I skimmed thru them not sure about them till I looked at the last page.
I think you have been given some very interesting clues
The red yellow blue flag in the desert puzzled me, they were next to a nuke site.
It seems to indicate Iran, but the yellow blue flag is not in that area.
The 2 closest suspects would be Romania and Venezuela.
Both do not have deserts.
Unless of course the nuke facility is not in the ME.
For example there is one in Arizona and Venezuela has made no bones about wanting to attack.
But that could not happen unless something drastically  changes.
There are many other interesting sketches you have done, I will have to spend some time with them.
However, you kind of leave us hanging when you say "I asked God what it meant" and leave it at that.
This is another one I like, the 2 flying objects seem to be a recurring theme.
These seem to be inversed pyrimid like.
I like the pig tails too.
Thanks for sharing.